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About Us

The Following is a group of believers who are pursuing to follow Christ with our whole lives. We are an independent church. We have no affiliations because there are so many denominations we could not possibly know which one is right. We simply see ourselves as a church who doesn't know all the things other denominations do, but we are desperately seeking to know God more everyday. We started our journey in a living room in the fall of 2012. For three years we have been cultivating lives, watching people grow, change and show the signs of life in Christ.

What we believe and our Mission

Here is what we do know....

  1. We are all despicable, self-seeking, undeserving children of a merciful Father.

  2. Jesus (who is God) lived a perfect life. Then he paid the penalty of despicable, self-seeking, undeserving people. He traded his life for ours.

  3. If we put our faith in this Jesus, we are made righteous.

  4. Repentance is not optional. We do not earn the favor of God just by agreeing that Jesus is awesome. God is not looking for fans, he requires followers.

  5. Our good behaviors do not earn us favors with God. There is not a favorable position in the eyes of God then a person at the feet of Jesus covered by his blood.

  6. Jesus came to Earth via the Holy Spirit and Mary on a rescue mission to save us all. 

  7. Jesus will come back to Earth to complete that mission soon enough.

This is what we are doing about it....

  1. It is our aim that every single believer in our church learn how to learn from the Spirit of God. We find truth by seeking answers from the Spirit of God and not man's agenda.

  2. We're not just building a church to attend, we're building an ark. Jesus has made us a part of this rescue mission.

  3. Change. What the world needs are Christians who are patient, kind, forgiving, HUMBLE, meek, gentle, long-suffering, and loving in real life.

Our Core Values

  1. Worship. This is where we recognize the awe inspiring, matchless,power, and beauty of our amazing God through songs, words, living, and acts of service.

  2. Discipleship. When we make the leap from fans of Jesus to followers of Jesus it requires us to let go of our selfish ambitions and pursue His will.

  3. Relationships. Most of the New Testament is about how to treat other people. It's that important. You can't begin to understand the attributes of Christ without experiencing relationships with each other.

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